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By James, February 5, 2016 Free To Play Friday

VainGlory is a MOBA for your touch devices; Apple, Android, and the like.  It’s colorful, very fast, and extremely responsive.  The developer has some good pedigree as well, it’s made up from devs from Riot and Blizzard. It’s a MOBA,… Read More »

By James, February 2, 2016 Free To Play Friday

its flappy bird but at the end of a stage you poop on donald trump and then he turns into poop donald dump android, probably ios also  

By James, January 29, 2016 Free To Play Friday

Churchill is one of my personal favorite historical figures.  From his overcoming of crippling speech impediment to be one of the greatest speakers in the past 100 years, to his vicious (and hilarious) wit, to the whole “helping beat Hitler”… Read More »

By James, January 15, 2016 Free To Play Friday

Today is Friday, so how about a ton of free games?! Last week I talked about the My First Game Jam going on right now (still!  It ends tomorrow!) and the host of interesting, quirky, freshly unique games from enthusiasts… Read More »

By James, January 8, 2016 Free To Play Friday, Game Jams

There’s a cool little game jam going on at right now, called My First Game Jam.  The gist of it is in the title – it’s your first one!  It’s for first-time developers, content creators – all that –… Read More »

By James, December 25, 2015 Free To Play Friday

Yeah it’s Christmas, so today’s FTPF is themed.  Now I know what you’re thinking, “OH GREAT JAMES IS TALKING ABOUT A SANTA GAME.”  No – and stop shouting – it’s better than that.  A brief history lesson – The first… Read More »

By James, December 18, 2015 Free To Play Friday

There’s a subtle change to this week’s title this week.  Leave it to the mega money generating machine that is Frozen to yank tons of cash out of your wallet. While Frozen Free Fall: Snowball Fight (henceforth known as FFFSF,… Read More »