Want to write?



Hello! Mike here.

We have been growing at such a quick pace that we are recruiting news writers and reviewers again. This is an exciting time! We have slots open for both of our sites.

GameGravy.com and also Nintendofever.com

Open Positions


  • News Writers
  • Microsoft Xbox One reviewers
  • Video Content Creators (We are doing Let’s Plays, Walkthroughs, Unboxings) I’d love someone to join me as a co-host, this can be done remotely.) We have syndication now so our videos will be seen by a lot.


  • News Writers
  • Wii U Reviews
  • 3DS Reviewers

If you are interested please send me an email with a writing example and what position you’re interested in.

News people get free games too like reviewers, and perks of possibly going to E3, PAX East and PAX Prime. We award people based on participation not on seniority. So if you are a news writer and write multiple times each day you’ll get a ton of perks over a reviewer that only writes one review a month and vice versa. The more a writer participates the more they are considered for larger titles, free games and possible trips. Since we are independently owned and funded these positions are not monetarily paid but paid by perks and free games. Video games are our passion and we want people who are just as passionate and love free games and expressing their opinions about them.

If you’re interested to write for either site please send me an email at mike at gamegravy.com

Reviewer Policy Change

Some of our review policies have changed for reviewers and this includes our current staff.

For new reviewers we ask you review a game you own at first to show your writing skills and show your dedication then you’ll be given review titles. For new writers and current staff, if you cannot complete your review by the assigned due date (which is reasonable I assure you) we ask the next review you do is a game you already own or purchase on your own. This is to enforce relevance in reviews we publish as we are accountable to publish and send our review to publishers. After you publish a review of your own (if you missed a due date) we’ll send you a game and let you try again. The key is to stay relevant and have our reviews done on time. If life happens let us know we are reasonable and understand if you have school, kids, get sick, etc.  The key is communication and to let us know immediately. If you can do reviews on time, the games will keep flowing!


Mike Johnston

(Editor in chief)