Vita Reviews

Metal Slug 3 (Vita) ()
April 15, 2015 -

The Metal Slug series of games has been entertaining gamers since the mid-90s. Taking the run and gun formula we… Read More »

Tennis in the Face (Vita) ()
March 26, 2015 -

If you take one part Angry Birds, mix in a disgruntled former tennis star, with a dash of hipsters and… Read More »

Flame Over ()
March 21, 2015 -

What do you get if you take a rogue-like game and light the bloody thing on fire? You get a… Read More »

La-Mulana EX ()
March 15, 2015 -

The story of La-Mulana can be a confusing one. I’m not talking about the in-game story; I’m talking about how… Read More »

Resogun (Vita) ()
February 25, 2015 -

When the PlayStation 4 launched back in November 2013, one of the first games made available for free to PlayStation… Read More »

Citizens of Earth (Vita) ()
February 11, 2015 -

Old-school RPG fans have been clamoring for a stateside sequel to SNES classic Earthbound since you were still decorating your wall… Read More »