Hyper Void

8 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10
Sound: 8/10

A Great Modern Schump | Nice Progression


Game Info

GAME NAME: Hyper Void

DEVELOPER(S): IN|Framez Technology Corp.

PUBLISHER(S): IN|Framez Technology Corp.


GENRE(S): Shooter

RELEASE DATE(S): January, 6th, 2016

After the early days of arcade shoot ’em ups (or schumps), there was a brief moment in video game history where it almost felt as if the genre had died out.  There have been some recent examples such as Ikaruga or Jamestown but still the genre feels like it could use something new and fresh.  In|Framez with their title Hyper Void have delivered not only an intense schump but also a visual blast of crazy flashing colors and a electronic soundtrack that helps create an insane experience.


Taking place in the far future an unknown alliance of enemies from across the galaxy is threatening humanity and that’s really all we get for a story.  Venturing across wormholes in chase of this intergalactic enemy with your trusty ship, the RM-24, which is designed to track and take out enemies.  Some of the levels will take you across the screen, almost like Star Fox meets Amplitude in some super crazy mash-up, where as others will have you traversing the wormhole in a complete 360 degree cylinder all the while having to blast through an endless onslaught of enemies.  I’d be lying to you in I said the game wasn’t difficult, but to me the challenge makes completing the levels feel that much more satisfying.

Hyper Void starts off not pulling any punches by having you learn the controls as you go and not giving you a hand-holding tutorial.  Having to experiment and figure out what each button does, even though a simple game design aspect, almost feels liberating in a sense.  It does have a good way to easy you in to the combat.  You will start with enemies that don’t really fire back to going through a bullet hell.  Adding in the bumper buttons sliding you to either the left or right depending on the side you push becomes a valuable tool as you progress through the game. There are over 28 adrenaline fueled levels to pilot through and some pretty intense boss fights in between.


Like I mentioned before, the game’s graphics and sound track almost make you feel like you are at some hyper space rave.  The colors will leave you staring at the screen in awe of what will come up after each twisting turn and the soundtrack will have your heart racing and thumbs twitching to fire your weapon at the enemy ships.

The Recommendation

If you are an arcade fan or a fan of schumps, Hyper Void is and easy recommendation.  The game will have you hypnotized by bright and flashing lights and at the same time wanting to throw your controller through your expensive flat screen TV.  This is a great thing for the genre and definitely not a negative in my book.  While I played the Xbox One version, Hyper Void is available on numerous other platforms, so there shouldn’t be any reason not to give this title a go.



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