Review Scoring Guidelines

We here at GameGravy love to write articles about the latest happenings in the gaming world, but the one thing we take very serious are our game reviews.  Every game is played and looked upon with the most critical eye. When writing our reviews we try to stick to the main points without adding a lot of filler and fluff that other review sites do to just make their reviews look longer.

We judge every game using a 10.0 scale that is broken down between the average of 4 categories.  These categories consist of:


– The basic overall design of the game. Does the game control well, is it fun to play, does it bring innovation that other games can borrow from?


– The visual quality of the game. Was the developer going for a realistic look or an artistic look? Does the frame rate hold up? These all come into play when judging graphics.


– The quality of music and sound. Does the game have voice acting and if so how well done is it? How is the music for the title being played and is it catchy? exp. Katamari Damacy. Do the bells and whistles actually sound like bells and whistles?

Reviewer Opinion

– This one is done behind the scenes and no actual score is given for this but it does average into the review score. An example is: The review for Game A was Gameplay-9, Graphics-9, Sound-10 but the reviewer really did not like the game and his opinion review is a 6.
The game would score an average 8.5.

All of our reviews are the opinions of our editors and while you may agree or disagree with them, they are not necessarily wrong, they are just opinions. Feel free to leave your opinions in the comment sections at the bottom of every review page.

-GameGravy Management