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By Dante, January 18, 2017 Editorial

Unlike Nintendo I will refrain from any further Switch related puns or snaps.  I promise.  To be 100% transparent, while many members of the GameGravy crew have decided to jump on board the Switch train at launch, I will be… Read More »

By getamikeON, January 7, 2017 Editorial, VR

VR has come a long way but its still in its infancy of being adopted by mainstream consumers. Believe it or not though VR is hitting hard and is finally released with tons of support and not many people know what’s… Read More »

By getamikeON, September 21, 2016 Editorial, News

**EDIT** 9/22/16 After my 1 star amazon review, and tweeting this article to Amazon help and Bungie help with my PSN ID and order number magic happened. Amazon sent me an email at 12:36am with the following statement. We’re contacting… Read More »

By James, March 9, 2016 Editorial, News

This brief article subtitled “haha my editor is out of town so I get to post silly crap like this” IT’S BACK #TheDivision — Pixelbuster (@PixelMatt64) March 8, 2016 Enjoy The Division! “Sir there’s a doorway that can be… Read More »

By James, March 7, 2016 Editorial, Sony

Well, the Uncharted 4 Multiplayer Beta has come and gone.  Get a chance to try it out?  If not, here’s what you missed – Pretty long load times and a couple server shutdowns.  These were to be expected though –… Read More »

By James, February 23, 2016 Deals Of The Week, Editorial, News

Russian Roulette, drinking, and your NES and Zapper can all come back together. Super Russian Roulette, a prototype game that exists – and has won awards – is on Kickstarter for a mass-production release.  It’s a perfect party game, encouraging… Read More »