Uncharted 4 Multiplayer Beta Post-Mortem

Well, the Uncharted 4 Multiplayer Beta has come and gone.  Get a chance to try it out?  If not, here’s what you missed –

  • Pretty long load times and a couple server shutdowns.  These were to be expected though – it was a server stress test.
  • Once the game gets on though, it runs silky smooth.  I never encountered any lag or slowdown while in a match or waiting for a game to start.
  • Animations are great.  Everything looks fantastic – although the night stages are a bit too dark – and appropriately Uncharted.
  • The action is what we’ve come to expect from Uncharted multiplayer, with a couple new things – Sidekicks; NPC drones of a few different types that can be called in to help you out.  Also new are “mysticals,” which are expensive but very powerful magic items that affect a small area.  El Dorado (the one I used most), for example, fires homig projectiles at enemies and does huge damage.  These items cost more each time you purchase it though, so you probably won’t see them spammed in a match.
  • Although I didn’t notice this,  Harry Flynn (a bad guy) now has a different voice actor.  Not a huge deal for me personally, but apparently there’s a pretty big uproar on Twitter and forums about it.
  • Only available was the Team Deathmatch mode, which a developer said was “about 20% of the content” of multiplayer.  So I guess expect 4 other modes.  Probably free-for-all, capture the relic, point control, and some manner of computer wave battle.

This write-up was supposed to include screenshots I took as well, but there were some technical issues – so just use your imagination.  I played as Sully every time – he and I share fashion tastes and cigar proclivities.

Uncharted 4 comes out May 10th.


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