8.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Graphics: 7/10
Sound: 9/10

Great Graphics/Music | Fun levels | No jumping Challenge

Can get really challenging

Game Info

GAME NAME: Tinertia

DEVELOPER(S): Candescent Games & Section Studios

PUBLISHER(S): Candescent Games


GENRE(S): Action Platformer

RELEASE DATE(S): September 3, 2015


Meet Weldon, a cute little robot that just doesn’t have good luck. After flying through the galaxy he gets sucked into this abandoned planet (or is it…it’s not its under attack by the evil ARC) and is forced to endure trials and twisted platforming levels to escape. Tinertia will challenge you and change how you think about platformers.



Don’t be fooled by the great colorful graphics and cute hero Weldon, also forget what you know about Mario and games like Super Meat boy. This is a dynamic action platformer where you cannot jump, that’s right you heard me. Instead, Weldon is a robot of reckless abandon and instead of jumping you are shooting rockets at the ground to propel yourself from one place to the next, it’s all about precision shots. You use explosion thrusts to push yourself over and through obstacles to navigate to the end of a level. There are over 65+ levels in this game so you have a lot of content to get through. At the end of each level you’ll encounter a goliath sized boss fight. You can also use the rockets to accelerate down by shooting upwards. The environment design and aesthetics are done very well. Everything feels rich and detailed, you can see how all platforms and levels are all inter connected. Not only are the graphics excellent the music is too. Tinertia has an awesome electronic backtrack that doesn’t distract from the game but adds to it, its great ambient background music. I liked it enough where I would listen to it in my car. The sound effects are on par for what rockets would sound like exploding and it wasn’t annoying.


Candescent Games & Section Studios implemented this rocket-jumping mechanic in such a unique way that it creates a lot of challenge, fun as well as freedom in ways you approach and solve levels. I noticed that while the controls are basic; depending on how you aim your rocket you can completely change your trajectory, which is great. You can blast yourself sideways and in increments to hurdle obstacles. I noticed this more and more as I went back to prior levels and tried the games speed running mode where you go as quickly as possible to get to the end of the level. The added depth of rock platforms that break and explode when you blast them adds to the difficulty and fun as well.


For hardcore platformer fans you’re in for a ride especially if you’re like me and want that fastest time. Your favorite aspect will be the speed running challenges. Now, if you are a hardcore platforming gamer you’re familiar with the soul crushing feeling of dying constantly. This will happen in Tinertia, you’ll adapt or curse your way through a level. However, if you’re a glutton for punishment and you’ve mastered the leaderboard you can also play the Boss Challenge, which is a real treat. You’ll wind up going against eight bosses in total that you experience throughout Weldon’s adventure and you are only equipped with one life. Be prepared to scream or squee with delight as you lay punishment on those goliath sized bosses.


The Recommendation

If you’re a fan of platformer games then Tinertia is a game you’ll want to check out. The rocket jumping mechanic while a gimmick adds a creative and challenging flare to titles we haven’t seen before. Its hard to give faults to a game like this, the one thing I would say is that it gets really challenging. If you’re a gamer who gives up easy or gets frustrated quickly then this isn’t for you. However, if challenge and unique gameplay is what you seek then I throw down the gauntlet.



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