Steamworld Dig 2: More to Dig

9 Overall Score
Gameplay: 9/10
Music: 10/10
Graphics: 9/10

The Upgrades | Music | Gameplay

Wish it was long

What can I say that at this point has not already been said? Please feel free to read this but I will tell you right up front that I love this game, it’s by no means perfect. the game is a bit short and so death will happen out of nowhere. Yet this game comes just about as close to perfect as it can for me. In this review, i will talk about how I enjoyed the game from start to end, and what I thought was both the best and worst part (not much of this was bad), if you are ready please grab a shovel and let’s travel down this convenient hole in the ground!


Rusty, here we come!!!!

The story in Steamworld Dig 2 is as simple as the story in Steamworld Dig 1 but it’s the sheer amount of characters and all of the personalities that bring the game to life in a much larger scale than the first one. Rusty has gone missing and you want to find him, that may be the start, but along with the way you will find yourself in the middle of a plot that might have Rusty who was the hero in the first game be the villain in this sequel. It’s up to you to find out the truth and meet large amount friends along the way. The writing of the game shines in the humor and well-written characters.

Music to feel your travel.

I can’t believe how good the music in Steamworld Dig 2 really is, Image&form has really gone above and beyond to create an even better soundtrack than any other game they have worked on before.

Getting the help from El Huervo of Hotline Miami fame has really paid off. The town theme alone is worth playing and keeping on repeat, the boss fight, different area music, each will bring to life the surroundings. While some of the music is better than other sections, the music will keep you wanting to explore just to hear the sounds and music as the game changes and builds.

Go and listen to the soundtrack you will fall in love!


There is Gold in them hills!

Steamworld Dig 2 has an upgrade system that has two parts to allow for a lot of customizations. the first part that is used to upgrade is based on money that is earned from selling the different minerals that are found while digging as you level up you will earn more money for the stuff that you find. The other upgrade is based on Cogs that are found while playing the game in different areas, so in secret spots and in challenge rooms. They work with each other hand and hand as you will need to buy a new level for the different tools to unlock new abilities that can be upgraded by the Cogs. One of the interesting features here is that you are not locked on the upgrades that are done with the Cogs as you can uninstall the Cog updates and move them around. This allows for a lot of creativity and trial and error to make different configurations. there are also new tools and some upgrades that will be found that will allow for jetpacks and even a flaming ax!

MetWorld Dig?

This is one of the best Metroid style games I have ever played. Taking the formula that gamers have fallen in love with and just does uses that style perfectly. Having areas be blocked and then finding the upgrade that is needed will always feel rewarding, along with finding secret areas for upgrades or special items make the world to feel open and ready to be explored. the maps allow for that exploration while not letting players get so far ahead of themselves that they will have to do a bunch of backtracking just to learn they don’t have the right tools. The new tools come fast and most will have a new tool to play with every hour of play.

World Underground

The world that was started in Steamworld Dig only gets better and offers a larger amount of area to cover. Steamworld Dig 2 this time is built instead of being generated and it really shows as it has a level of polish that the first game lacked in the underground area. The map is large and varied with new areas coming all of the time and upgrades happen at a nice pace that kept me learning the game and waiting to see what was next. the areas also offer different terrain, that change how players will need to move around based on tools they have found.

The dirt is rock hard.

The game while not being overly easy will take players right around 6 hours to beat, maybe a bit less or can take much longer all depending on how much exploring you will want to do. The game because of the upgrade system really lets players pick how they want to play, with power or even a bit of stealth. It’s easy to die in this game, but with each death, there is something that is learned and then the next time digging will get a bit easier.



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