Xbox One Reviews

The Flame in the Flood ()
March 3, 2016 -

As of late, there have been many survival games “flooding” the gaming market, some being “AAA” titles and others  from… Read More »

Dying Light: The Following ()
February 25, 2016 -

Techland made a very positive impact on the “next gen” gaming last year with the successful release of their survival… Read More »

Baseball Riot ()
February 9, 2016 -

I don’t know if it is a trendy thing to do in arcade type of games that are similar to… Read More »

Hyper Void ()
February 8, 2016 -

After the early days of arcade shoot ’em ups (or schumps), there was a brief moment in video game history… Read More »

The Banner Saga Review ()
January 29, 2016 -

If you enjoy a tactically solid battle system mixed with a Game of Thrones type story set in a fantasy realm rife with heart breaking choices I highly recommend The Banner Saga.

A Boy and His Blob ()
January 26, 2016 -

In 1989, a video game was released for the first console by Nintendo (NES) called A Boy and His Blob:… Read More »