Xbox One Reviews

D4 (Dark Dreams Don’t Die) Season 1 ()
November 13, 2014 -

I expected a very odd and confusing experience to be the outcome of Hidetaka Suehiro’s (Swery) newest game D4 and I was… Read More »

The Wolf Among Us Ep3 A Crooked Mile Xbox One ()
November 3, 2014 -

Oh, how the car is moving down this crooked road. A lot of the pieces start moving in this episode… Read More »

The Wolf Among Us Ep2 Smoke and Mirrors Xbox One ()
October 29, 2014 -

This second episode of Telltale’s title The Wolf Among Us, called Smoke and Mirrors, takes on the same approach and… Read More »

The Wolf Among Us Ep 1 Faith Xbox One ()
October 27, 2014 -

The Wolf Among Us by Telltale Games has a big shadow to walk out of due to The Walking Dead… Read More »

Stick It To The Man (Xbox One) ()
September 5, 2014 -

This was my second time playing through Stick it to the Man and it was just as enjoyable as the… Read More »

Killer Instinct Season One Review ()
August 26, 2014 -

I have been taking a long and tiresome trip down memory lane, as if I were standing there filling that… Read More »

Child of Light ()
August 19, 2014 -

When it comes to video games, I rarely use the words elegance and art.  When it comes to Child of… Read More »