Xbox One Reviews

RBI Baseball 15 ()
April 14, 2015 -

Growing up my 3 favorite baseball games were Baseball Simulator 1.000, World Series Baseball, and RBI Baseball. Luckily gained… Read More »

Tales from the Borderlands Ep. 2 Atlas Mugged (Xbox One) ()
April 8, 2015 -

I’ve waited too long to jump back into the Telltale version of Pandora and finally episode 2 has released!  Just… Read More »

Tales From The Borderlands Ep. 1: Zer0 Sum ()
December 17, 2014 -

Telltale Games have been on a role lately with their famous Walking Dead game along with The Wolf Among Us,… Read More »

Jackbox Party Pack ()
December 14, 2014 -

I love a really good party game, especially if trivia is incorporated within the game.  Jackbox Games, which is an… Read More »

NBA 2K15 ()
December 5, 2014 -

NBA 2K15 is both punishing and accessible at the same time, which isn’t something I usually expect in a sports… Read More »

The Wolf Among Us Ep5 Cry Wolf Xbox One ()
November 24, 2014 -

Here we are ladies and gentleman,  the grand finale of The Wolf Among Us Episode 5 Cry Wolf. When I… Read More »

The Wolf Among us Ep4 In Sheep’s Clothing Xbox One ()
November 19, 2014 -

We are almost there. Episode 4 of The Wolf Among Us: In Sheep’s Clothing is a slow episode, think of… Read More »