Baseball Riot

5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 6/10
Graphics: 6/10
Sound : 2/10

Interesting Concept

Awful Soundtrack | Tedious Trail and Error

Game Info

GAME NAME: Baseball Riot

DEVELOPER(S): 10tons

PUBLISHER(S): 10tons


GENRE(S): Arcade

RELEASE DATE(S): December 9th, 2015

I don’t know if it is a trendy thing to do in arcade type of games that are similar to Angry Birds or Peggle but as soon as I see a 3 star system or something of it’s equivalence I automatically thing of a tablet or cell phone game. This doesn’t necessarily have a negative connotation to the game as I like Peggle and Pokemon Shuffle a lot, but it also gives off the feel of been there done that.  In Baseball Riot from 10tons, you will have an extremely similar gameplay mechanics to Angry Birds where your objective to move on in the game is based off of you taking out all of the baseball players or umpires in order to move of to the next level.


10tons did manage to squeeze in a small back story to the game which comes off almost as cheesy as the game itself.  You play as ex-ball player Gabe Carpaccio, who is seeking payback against the Explodz energy drink company for turning his teammates into rabid freaks.  As I had mentioned before that in order to move on in the game you will need to clear out any of the human obstacles.  A secondary objective is to destroy the three stars in the process.  Any left over balls will result in extra points.  As the game starts off at a nice pace it becomes really difficult quickly and you will feel as if the only way to clear levels is by relying on the old trial and error method.


The controls feel accurate and precise and never have you feeling like you can control where the ball is going.  This is more an issue with just not knowing where the ball is going to bounce after the first bounce.  The physics seem on point after the ball leaves the bat but gets a little more Peggle and a little less baseball as it starts bouncing off of the walls.  This becomes frustrating if you are a completionist and want to 100% the stars in the game.  If you are okay with just grinding on, then you won’t really feel agitated by the mechanics.

The graphics have a decent cartoon appeal to them.  It looks sort of cel shaded and sort of comic bookish.  The music is pretty obnoxious and will have you wanting to mute your sound system ASAP.  I would have even taken “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” on endless loop over the music that comes bundled with the game.

The Recommendation

If Angry Birds or Tennis in the Face are your jams, then Baseball Riot will fall quite nicely in line with the rest of the genre.  It doesn’t stray to far from home when it comes to mechanics and the trial and error gameplay found in other similar titles is there to boot.  If this genre doesn’t interest you, then this wouldn’t be a great starting point as you may become frustrated and never finish the title.



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