Destiny Don’t Trust 3rd Party for Pre-orders…like Amazon

**EDIT** 9/22/16 After my 1 star amazon review, and tweeting this article to Amazon help and Bungie help with my PSN ID and order number magic happened. Amazon sent me an email at 12:36am with the following statement.

We’re contacting you about order #XXXXX for #Destiny: Rise of Iron – PS4 [Digital Code]. We recently learned that you were expecting to receive a pre-order bonus code to unlock the item Iron Gjallarwing Legendary Sparrow. Although this item wasn’t originally included with Amazon pre-orders, you are now eligible to receive the Iron Gjallarwing Legendary Sparrow using the code below:

This email from Amazon was a little snarky. I didn’t quite care for their tone, after all they advertised both items and then pulled the image after the fact but all in all, I’m happy that I received my Iron Gjallarwing Legendary Sparrow, now I can enjoy Destiny and roam the Plaguelands like it was meant to be roamed in, my Iron Sparrow (Image proof of my sparrow below for those that are thinking…”Nah uh”). Thanks Bungie and thank you Amazon. After extensive historic research my cohort @EddyBreaker sent me some historical factual quotes that are relevant and I’d like to share in regards to this horrific and traumatizing event.

“Don’t advertise it if you ain’t selling it, bitch!” – Mahatma Gandhi

“What a buncha arseholes.” -Queen Elizabeth II

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As a lot of you may know Destiny’s new expansion Rise of Iron just released Tuesday September 20th. With this comes a lot of fun things, new story missions, new crucible match, and tons of new gear. Let’s not forget the boosted light level to 385. First thing we all do when we start up the DLC is run to the Tower and get all of our fun pre-order items.

Most people are aware that the famous Iron Gjallarhorn, which is a kickass rocket launcher was available as a pre-order bonus item. Another item that comes along with it is the Iron Gjallarwing Sparrow which is amazing. Amazon showed both on their website as pre-order bonus and recently took it down when they realized it wouldn’t come with the pre-orders and no one said anything.


I was one of the unfortunate fools that pre-ordered from Amazon, no one there is getting the Iron Gjallarwing Sparrow, it was not noted anywhere on the site or on the Bungie site. This happened to a lot of people if you don’t believe me check out the Amazon reviews question section, Rise of Iron Amazon reviews, there are a lot of pissed off people. I later learned through a ton of research and Reddit posts, that the offer came from Bungie to receive both. Since neither company neglected to let their pre-order purchasers know this, I kept my pre-order and did not receive it. In my opinion, Bungie should compensate their loyal fans and give us a sparrow.

Lesson learned here people. NEVER PRE-ORDER games from 3rd party sites. Pre-order them on your respective system, PS4 (PSN) and/or Xbox One (Xbox Live) and you’ll received all that’s promised.


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