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By Alonza Searer, June 25, 2015 Editorial

Last weekend I was sitting and playing Geometry Wars ³ with my six year old daughter when I realized something. No matter how young or old, such a simple mechanic is so unbelievably easy to learn yet nearly impossible to… Read More »

By Lexie Proctor, June 20, 2015 Editorial

We all get into that gaming habit of playing the same couple games every day. You get home from work or school, boot up your console or PC, and start your go-to game. You spend your off time playing that… Read More »

By Alonza Searer, June 19, 2015 Editorial, Nintendo

This whole article started out sort of as a experience piece that came to mind while I was playing some of the featured games from the Nindies@Home promotion currently running in the days following this year’s E3 convention. It just… Read More »

By getamikeON, June 19, 2015 E3, Editorial, Sony

The experience Sony had at E3 excited a lot of people, in fact so much the line was around the corner and wrapped a few times, but it felt like a trick. During the press event, Sony released their E3… Read More »

By getamikeON, June 19, 2015 E3, Editorial, Nintendo

Below are some of my experiences and hands on impression at the Nintendo booth this year at the E3 2015. I was able to experience quite a bit, besides the horror of long lines and people puking with excitement (yes,… Read More »

By James, June 19, 2015 Editorial, Free To Play Friday

This week I have curated for you a pair of Free To Play games that are about as opposite as could possibly be. The first game is a fan-made dating sim (sorta) featuring the cast of long-running webcomic Jerkcity.  Jerkcity… Read More »