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By James, July 3, 2015 Free To Play Friday

If you haven’t yet noticed, cats are all the rage on the internet.  And since you can get phone internet nowadays, why not get some cats on there? Neko Atsume, literally Cat Collection, has you buying food to attract cats,… Read More »

By James, June 26, 2015 Editorial, Free To Play Friday

A street racing game featuring licensed supercars for PS4?  And it’s free?!  Where do I sign up? DRIVECLUB (yep, all caps) was released last year as PS4’s answer to Microsoft’s Forza, which is Microsoft’s answer to Gran Turismo, which… nevermind. … Read More »

By James, June 19, 2015 Editorial, Free To Play Friday

This week I have curated for you a pair of Free To Play games that are about as opposite as could possibly be. The first game is a fan-made dating sim (sorta) featuring the cast of long-running webcomic Jerkcity.  Jerkcity… Read More »

By Matt Desind, June 12, 2015 Editorial, Free To Play Friday, Nintendo

We all know what a Free To Play game is, and while they may have started on smartphones FTP (free to play) games are a dime a dozen and can be found on all platforms from android to PlayStation. So how is the one that can be found on Nintendo’s handheld?

By James, June 5, 2015 Editorial, Free To Play Friday

Depending on who you ask, Patriots head coach Bill Belichick is either a brilliant, crafty, cunning gamesman, or the worst cheating scourge in NFL history. He is also fiercely secretive, and the Patriots are just fine with that.  So what… Read More »

By James, May 29, 2015 Editorial, Free To Play Friday

Anton Chekhov, widely considered to be a Russian writer, had a writing concept that is still called in to bear today – the fabled Chekhov’s Gun. Remove everything that has no relevance to the story. If you say in the… Read More »

By Matt Desind, May 22, 2015 Editorial, Free To Play Friday

Hearthstone is an addictive Trading Card Game with a overall ingenious pay scale to allow players to fully enjoy the game without ever making them feel like they’re missing out on something if they don’t put forth the extra money