Free To Play Friday – Churchill Solitaire

Churchill is one of my personal favorite historical figures.  From his overcoming of crippling speech impediment to be one of the greatest speakers in the past 100 years, to his vicious (and hilarious) wit, to the whole “helping beat Hitler” thing, Churchill was the right man in the right place at the right time.

And now we have a card game brought to you by Donald “I know Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction because I sold them to him” Rumsfeld that says it’s from the British Bulldog himself.

The lineage is a bit suspect, but the game is legit.  And it can be pretty tough.  It’s a multi-deck timed version with multi-draws and dead cards.  This definitely isn’t the time waster you played on Windows 95.

iOS only for now, and of course as an app game there are 10,000 ways to spend money.  Please don’t; Rumsfeld has made plenty of money throughout the years and for god sakes people it’s a damn apple card game.


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