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By Dante, September 21, 2015 Microsoft, News, Sony, Trailers

Half Kryptonian Lara Croft borrows from another superhero, Spider-Man, in the new trailer for the Square Enix/Microsoft published Rise of the Tomb Raider. Check out the video below as Lara uses her new grappling hook (a.k.a. Web Slinging) to traverse… Read More »

By Dante, September 13, 2015 News, Nintendo

On this day 30 years ago, the mustachioed menace was released in Japan on the original Famicom. Nintendo would go on to sell over 310,000,000 copies of Mario games over the next three decades. The video below is a special… Read More »

By Dante, August 12, 2015 News, Nintendo

Nintendo has shared the most informative video thus far on the features of the highly anticipated Mario Maker coming to Wii U on September 11.  The biggest revelation is the 9 levels of tools that are unlocked as you progressively… Read More »

By Dante, August 4, 2015 Editorial, Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony

In GameGravy Podcast #46 (that’s “number” 46 not “Hashtag” 46. Sorry kids.).  We spent some time discussing what our current 2015 title holder is for Game of the Year. It’s one of my favorite discussions to have at the end… Read More »

By Dante, July 20, 2015 News, Sony

Sony has started a new PSN series entitled “Conversations With Creators” hosted by fellow big nerd Wil Wheaton. This week’s conversation was with some of the head honchos at Naughty Dog Co-President Evan Wells, Game Director Bruce Straley, Creative Director… Read More »

By Dante, June 16, 2015 E3, News, Sony, Trailers

We’ve called for this game every E3 since it’s first appearance 6 years ago. The Last Guardian has been teased pretty much on a yearly basis to let us know they’re working on it getting to the point where I’d… Read More »