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By Dante, January 26, 2017 News, Trailers

Somehow lost on me over the past few weeks is that one of my favorite series (Mass Effect) will return in a new story set hundreds of years after Shepard and the Normandy gang roamed the galaxies.  I’ll admit it… Read More »

By Dante, January 18, 2017 Editorial

Unlike Nintendo I will refrain from any further Switch related puns or snaps.  I promise.  To be 100% transparent, while many members of the GameGravy crew have decided to jump on board the Switch train at launch, I will be… Read More »

By Dante, June 15, 2016 E3

Even with a new Resident Evil being given a fancy pants new trailer, nothing gave me the creeps quite like We Happy Few.  Releasing this summer for X-Box One, PS4, and Windows 10, and set in a mid 1960’s England,… Read More »

By Dante, June 14, 2016 E3

Coming September 13th, 2016 exclusively to the X-Box One and Windows 10, is Keiji Inafune’s beautiful robot filled adventure Recore.  Shown off at last year’s E3 we finally get a really good look at the gameplay and the multiple robots… Read More »

By Dante, May 2, 2016 News, Sony

In the last of our Uncharted previews (BECAUSE THE GAME COMES OUT NEXT WEEK!) we have two behind the scenes videos detailing the technical work Naughty Dog has done over the last few years pushing the envelope with the Playstation… Read More »

By Dante, April 13, 2016 News, Sony

Many of the Naughty Dog team talk candidly about growing up with the series, but also the series growing up with them.  Discussing how the series evolved as it’s makers and cast gained experience and wisdom.  For some reason every… Read More »