Latest Rise of the Tomb Raider Trailer

Half Kryptonian Lara Croft borrows from another superhero, Spider-Man, in the new trailer for the Square Enix/Microsoft published Rise of the Tomb Raider. Check out the video below as Lara uses her new grappling hook (a.k.a. Web Slinging) to traverse dangerous new areas and foil the latest scheme by the Sinister Six. I mean Trinity. She will be battling a secret shadowy organization by the name of Trinity. Rise of the Tomb Raider releases in November for X-Box 360 and X-Box One and in 2016 for PS4. Hopefully she remembers to pick up that carton of eggs for Aunt May on the way back from Siberia.


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Living in Detroit by way of Miami. I try to play as many videogames, read as many books, and consume as much football basketball and baseball as I can without my head exploding. Looking forward to: Zelda, South Park, Horizon, Mass Effect, Red Dead, and Mario Odyssey.