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By Dante, June 15, 2015 E3, Microsoft, News

Cuphead is an X-Box One exclusive single player or Co-Op bullet hell platformer with tons of boss battles and visuals heavily inspired by 1930s cartoons. Everything you see is hand drawn, inked, and colored and everything you hear is original… Read More »

By Dante, June 15, 2015 E3, Microsoft, News

I originally had a 500+ word write up here. It’s not required. The Halo 5: Guardians videos speak for themselves and Buck (Captain Malcolm Reynolds!) can take it from here much better than I ever could. 10/27/15 can’t get here… Read More »

By Dante, June 14, 2015 E3, News

Pun very much intended! Platinum Games, makers of Bayonetta, Mad World, and The Wonderful 101, have teamed up with Activision to make a Generation 1 Transformers game that caused audible gasps from the fellow nerds I showed the game to…. Read More »

By Dante, June 13, 2015 E3

Only hours away from E3 2015 and the list of news leaked is pretty staggering. Not the least of which is my favorite (only?) Lombax, Ratchet, and his faithful mechanical pal Clank. The new game will be the duo’s debut… Read More »

By Dante, June 8, 2015 Editorial

Welcome to the second topic on our Weekly Round Table Discussions. This week is the confessions of the crew regarding popular games that they may not have finished or even liked. While we are all avid gamers our tastes are… Read More »

By Dante, June 1, 2015 E3, Editorial

Lately at GameGravy we’ve been making a concerted effort to add a personal touch to the site to let our personalities and bias show. One of the ways we will be doing this is with more editorial content and our new… Read More »