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Before using the services of LeapTrade I had unfortunately never heard of the web-based game trading service.  For what GameStop, BestBuy or Amazon may be in convenience, LeapTrade is there for the gamers’ value and connecting gamers with other gamers to get you the games you want.  On average the games I was looking into selling or buying with my credit were going for at least double if I was selling and the asking price is around what the big box and online retailers sell their used games for.

A Retro Heaven

Even after the dust has settled and the digital revolution has occurred there will be a clamoring for physical classic titles.  You can not find these at GameStop or BestBuy.  You’re best shot in person would be your town’s Mom and Pops shop, if there is one.  Ebay is an online option but that’s not always the best option as I’ve had issues with receiving and selling on the service.  Enter LeapTrade.  With the provided credit from LeapTrade to try out their service I was able to queue up some games that I had missed out on last generation and a couple for the PS4 and received them all promptly and in perfect condition.

If you aren’t a collector like I am, you can ask just for the disc instead of the full package, but I need the case at least.  One of the community members reached out to me before he shipped Gears of Wars Judgment to let me know there wasn’t a manual with the game originally (honestly, I don’t think many do anymore, so this was completely fine) .  It’s this type of thoughtful response and community that lets the site thrive.


A Beautiful Community of Gamers

Though I felt like it was a small to medium community at the time I was testing the service, everyone that I have bought a game from was pleasant to deal with and extremely nice.  This is a HUGE plus to the service as it could be a make or break feature to the site.  I unfortunately hate parting with my games so I didn’t sell anything but the manager from our sister site Holly Fellmeth sold her collector’s edition of Bravely Default for the Nintendo 3DS and got a whopping $72 DOLLARS credit!  When selling a game all you have to do is pay for the shipping and then once the buyer gets the game and leaves feedback you get your credit.

Another really awesome feature is the integration with the USPS.  You can track the games right from your account on LeapTrade without ever having to go to the USPS web site.  All the shipping is handled through LeapTrade, all you need to do is make sure that the game is in a nice cushioned envelope, pay for the fees and deliver it to the post office.

The Few Set Backs

Like I mentioned before the community was great and if you want last gen to older games then LeapTrade is a gold mine.  The only downside that I found while using the service was that it was extremely hard to get newer games for the PlayStation 4 and Wii U as they were being snatched up as they were being sold.  To alleviate this situation you can put yourself on a list (like a queue) and once someone is selling it you will be first in line.  Being the collector I am, I really had to search high and low for gems that I had missed to use my credit.  I winded up with MLB 14 The Show and Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag for the PlayStation 4 and Gears of War Judgement, Bioshock Infinite and Halo 4 all for the Xbox 360, not a bad haul for $60.

One other downside is that the community is still growing and isn’t fully matured yet.  I’ve been spreading the word to all of my circle of friends and trying to ramp up the community to make this work because once digital takes over there will be no more GameStop’s around the world.


Final Thoughts

I will most definitely continue using this service over the likes of Best Buy and GameStop to spite the lack of new games.  There are plenty of older games that I have missed out on that I can catch up with now using LeapTrade.  I highly recommend creating an account and start getting the money that you deserve for your trades instead of the 50 cents other big box retailers will give you.  There are a ton of gamers will to pay those prices to get the games they want and I highly recommend checking it out.

Here is a link to get started and add me as a friend: LeapTrade



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