The Shadowlands Pre-Expansion Patch is Now Live

Well, I did it. I made the mistake of getting sucked back into World of Warcraft. I am so glad I did though. I’ve been having a blast seeing all the story of the last couple expansions I’ve missed with Legion and Battle for Azeroth. It’s really excellent and its getting me prepared for the new DLC launching later this year.

With World of Warcrafts latest expansion going from an October release to a note from Blizzard saying, Shadowlands delayed until “later this year”, we have one thing to look forward to in W.O.W. right now, the pre-expansion patch that went live today. So get excited for a lot of great changes.

Below is the latest World Of Warcraft Survival guide from Blizzard. These videos have become so handy as someone who is a veteran but have been long gone from the virtual world.

One thing right off the bat are the level changes. If you’re max level 120 your new level will be 50. The Shadowlands level cap is 60. They said this was to balance off old and new content. This was great to me, I didn’t mind this change.

Another thing that popped out was the class and ability changes. That threw me off a bit. But thanks to handy tools and the great folks over at, they will help you understand the changes in more depth and what specs are the best along with new talents, priorities, rotations, max dps, or healing, etc. I was also excited to see the new levels of character customizations they came up with with the latest patch. This added customization is what players were craving for quite some time an I’m very impressed. These customizations can be implemented at the barber shops in town.

There’s also a new event happening to start off the story of the Shadowlands DLC. I haven’t personally experienced it yet. There’s a lot to experience in the current world. I encourage you to check out the survival video above if you’re interested! I’m headed off to level up!


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