Free To Play Friday – Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad

Elite Squad

*tapping my watch and realizing I haven’t posted in several YEARS!* Hey folks, it was Friday yesterday and here’s a new free to play game to take over your weekend! Or not.

Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad is a mobile game that brings all the ubisoft Clancy IPs together as an ELITE SQUAD to fight a mysterious organization bent on taking over the world! I actually don’t know if that’s true or not for this particular game – since I skip all the cutscenes and can barely read. BUT I have played every other Tom Clancy game in existence and they all basically have the same plot so this is probably pretty accurate.

Anyway! Elite Squad lets you recruit soldiers from all the Clancy game IPs, so you can be Sam Fisher from Splinter Cell, Nomad from Ghost Recon… uh, Megan from The Division, who else we got here – oh! Sonnet from HAWX. And some other “big” “names.” Choose your squad, send them into little battles that rarely last longer than 90 seconds, upgrade them, send them into tougher battles, etc etc etc. Unlocking characters you’ve actually heard of (like the aforementioned Fisher) will take years for free but ubisoft has made it very easy to give them your credit card info so you can get them faster! How very nice of them.

The game is very very grabby with your wallet but you can have a decent time and rise through the ranks fairly easily without spending any money, which is why this is my Free To Play Friday pick! Available in the Apple Store and Google Play.


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