10 Scariest videogame Series-Gravybowl

Happy Halloween everyone!! Welcome to this special edition of The Halloween Gravybowl! For those not familiar with Gravybowl here is the lowdown. Gravybowl is a tradition here when we pit four of our writers against each other with a game question and debate over a final outcome. We like to engage our viewers and hear their viewpoint as well. As always, we encourage our readers to agree, disagree, throw things, leave comments and of course be heard in the comments below.

The question today is: What do you think the 10 Scariest videogame series are?

Games are ranked as 1 being the scariest and 10 not so much. Here’s what our writers think.


1. Silent Hill

2. Resident Evil

3. Dead Space

4. Fatal Frame

5. Manhunt

6. Doom 3

7. Sanitarium

8. Alan Wake

9. Splatterhouse

10. House of the dead


1. Silent Hill

2. Dead Space

3. Resident Evil

4. Fatal Frame

5. Alan Wake

6. Sanitarium

7. Manhunt

8. Doom 3

9. Splatterhouse

10. House of the dead


1. Silent Hill 

2. Resident Evil3. Dead space

4.  Fatal frame

5.  Manhunt

6. Sanitarium

7.Doom 3

8. Splatterhouse

9. House of the dead

10. Alan Wake


1. Silent Hill

2. Resident Evil

3. Dead space

4. Sanitarium

5. Doom 3

6.  Fatal frame

7.  Manhunt

8. Splatterhouse

9. Alan Wake

10. House of the dead



….and the winner is, Silent Hill!

We all came to the consensus that this series is just down right creepy. Especially if you are all by yourself, at night, with all the lights off and the volume is turned all the way up. This game will definitely make you jump.

I hope you enjoyed tonight’s Gravybowl. Please feel free to leave us comments below or take the poll and let everyone know what you think the scariest videogame series is.


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