Sonic turns 20 today.

Today is 20th birthday of the worlds most famous hedgehog, Sonic.  To celebrate this great news SEGA is releasing the Sonic Generations demo for both PS3 and Xbox 360. This game has two very different hedgehogs to play with.  It has both the retro Sonic which is a bit smaller and rounder looking, and it has the Sonic from today, which is tall and thin.

Sonic has gone through a lot these past few years, and 3D has not been to kind to the Blue Blur.  Sonic went from a AAA 2D franchise to hoping that the next Sonic game will at least reach B status.  This is not what I think SEGA intended for their mascot but after a bunch of mediocre releases, it is what it is.   Hopefully Generations will be a good enough game to bring Sonic back to his glory days, otherwise it may just be the final nail in the franchise coffin?

So here’s to looking back at all the fun times that a person and a Hedgehog could have together, and to many more hopefully in the future.

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