Battle Chasers: Nightwar On The Way

Nordic Games and Airship Syndicate, formerly of Vigil (makers of Darksiders) have teamed up to create a beautifully rendered indie RPG mixing the exploration elements of Bastion and the battle system of Child of Light.  The developers set up a Kickstarter, which thankfully was fully funded, and some point this year we will see a game based off of the cult classic late 1990’s comic book Battle Chasers published by Wildstorm.  Normally I’m not one to get excited about Kickstarter games due to the messy history some games have gone through, but this is right up my alley.

Those of you looking for a atmospheric explorative RPG with a turn based battle system you’re in luck.  We will keep an eye out for a release date and update all of you as soon as it drops.  Battle Chasers: Nightwar is on it’s way to PC, X-Box One, and PS4.

BCNW_WarriorsRest_01 BCNW_Dungeon_Traps Mimic BC_Bulgrim_Tona_ForPoly



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