PAX South Hands on Impressions of Megacopter

Howdy. Eddie (@eddybreaker) here. Whilst Mike (@getamikeON) and I were on patrol at PAX South, we found an indie game that’s a lot like Electronic Arts’ Strike helicopter series on hard drugs. Megacopter: Blades of the Goddess offers similar gameplay to the aforementioned series, but with an insane story about a resistance fighter who pilots a sentient (possibly haunted) helicopter that hungers for the blood of evil humanoid reptiles whose evil plan includes putting the resistance’s favorite pizza joint out of business by opening a competing restaurant. Sounds legit. Check out Mike and I pretending to get along while we talk about our hands-on with this game, tentatively scheduled for a 2016 Summer release.

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During EddyBreaker’s hands on with Megacopter, a evil lizard tank tried stepping to him but got it’s shit ruined by his sweet circle strafing skills. Quick clip below.



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