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By Eddie, February 1, 2016 Microsoft, News, PAX, PC, Sony

Do you enjoy panicking and running for your life? I know I do. Michael and I got some time with a demo of Just Shapes and Beats, a bullet hell shooter where you can’t shoot back, and your only course… Read More »

By Eddie, January 30, 2016 Mobile, News, PAX

Mike (@getamikeON) and I (@EddyBreaker) were lured over to Shinybox Games’ booth with promises of candy (*editors note: did not actually happen) and possibly a game to play! They had us sit down with Dungeon Quest, a new free to… Read More »

By Eddie, January 30, 2016 News, PAX, PC, Steam

Howdy. Eddie (@eddybreaker) here. Whilst Mike (@getamikeON) and I were on patrol at PAX South, we found an indie game that’s a lot like Electronic Arts’ Strike helicopter series on hard drugs. Megacopter: Blades of the Goddess offers similar gameplay… Read More »

By Eddie, January 30, 2016 News, PAX, PC, Steam

Greetings from PAX South 2016! Eddie (@EddyBreaker) here. As Mike (@getamikeON) and I meandered around PAX looking at booths for new and interesting indie games, I stumbled on TRU FUN Entertainment’s Super Rad Raygun. Rad Raygun was released in 2013… Read More »

By Eddie, January 11, 2016 Microsoft, News, Release Dates

Quantum Break, the upcoming time-bending Xbox One exclusive that tells its story across a game and TV show, is almost ready for its debut. Thomas Puha, a marketing manager at developer Remedy Entertainment, said on Twitter that the game is “so… Read More »

By Eddie, January 5, 2016 Microsoft, News

During the holidays, Microsoft announced a lot of bundles, delivering an unprecedented number of choices for every gamer. While the holidays are now behind us, Microsoft is ringing in the New Year with more value and choices if you still don’t own an… Read More »