Final Fantasy VII Remake Trailer

::insert nerd freak out which would almost entirely consist of swear words, guttural exhilaration, and yelling, the meaning of which would be nigh on impossible to ascertain::

OK.  OK.  Whew!  Got a little light headed over here. Still with me? Let us count down the days until we return to the slums of Sector 7.  There’s no release date, and there are swirling winds of information regarding the releasing schedule of pieces of the game. Unfortunately Square Enix has not released all of the specifics, but this trailer and it’s combat system look incredible.  You can also buy the PC port of Final Fantasy VII today on PSN to hold you over.


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Living in Detroit by way of Miami. I try to play as many videogames, read as many books, and consume as much football basketball and baseball as I can without my head exploding. Looking forward to: Zelda, South Park, Horizon, Mass Effect, Red Dead, and Mario Odyssey.