5 Announcements We Want To See At E3

Lately at GameGravy we’ve been making a concerted effort to add a personal touch to the site to let our personalities and bias show. One of the ways we will be doing this is with more editorial content and our new weekly roundtable discussions on current and relevant topics in the realm of video games. Hopefully you enjoy this and if you have thoughts on possible topics you’d like us to discuss, please send them our way. Up first in our weekly discussions is “5 Announcements We Want To See At E3”.


Dante Rahdar:
A lot of what I want are announcements that will never come to pass, like new games in the Chrono, Legend of Dragoon, Jade Empire, Psychonauts, and Crimson Skies series. Unfortunately we are not in a world where those games will ever see the light of day, so on to some ideas that may actually occur:

1. Gameplay trailer and release date for the new Wii U Zelda.

2. A spiritual successor to Marvel Ultimate Alliance. If we were to have these in order, this would definitely be #1 for me, especially since Disney has the money and the license to make this happen.

3. Mario Galaxy 3. Just the logo would make me break down and finally buy a Wii U. I’m holding $300 ransom from Nintendo until they bring this to me.

4. Last Guardian…Come on! This has to be the year right?! RIGHT?!  Yeah…probably not. ::kicks rocks::

5. Release dates and new trailers for Kingdom Hearts 3 (it’s been a decade since KH2!) and Final Fantasy 15/Versus/Bro-nado Road Trip or whatever the hell Square Enix is calling it now.


Anthony DeVirgilis :
1. New IPs or even New Sequels… Seriously enough with the remakes and remasters
(Editor’s Note: PREACH!)

2. Animal Crossing Wii U with MMO-Lite GamePlay

3. A New Paper Mario Wii U

4. I’ll Second a New Crimson Skies, Legend of Dragoon, Chrono Trigger or X-Men Legends

5. Gamecube Games on the Wii U VC

Dante Rahdar :
Really, if we can’t get a remaster of Superman 64 what is the point of all this fancy new hardware? WB Games, the ball is in your court.


1. Doom 4.  I can’t wait to get back to Phobos and blast some more demons.  Here’s hoping that it’s not all monster closets and that The Rock makes his second appearance in the franchise.

2. Uncharted 4.  How is it that Doom 4 is something like 20 years after the original, while Uncharted 4 is like 6?  As much as I dislike Nate Drake’s smirking, handsome charm and Sully’s Hawaiian shirts, the games are designed around the concept that gaming should be fun, and every facet of Naughty Dog’s games revolves around that.  Also, I wonder what sort of weird supernatural clambake will show up in the third act this time.  We had Nazi zombies, magic gorillamen, and sand genies..  Maybe orcs with guns for hands?
(Editor’s note: If Naughty Dog unveils Orcs with guns for hands James is the new Nostradamus)

3. Kojima.  After the Konami/Kojima meltdown, I really wonder what this guy’s up to.  He has some of the oddest, yet most fully-formed, ideas about what his games should be.  And after P.T. and this whole Konami thing, I’m interested to see the direction he’ll take.

4. Where in the world is Satoru Iwata?  The song almost works.  Missing E3 again?  Maybe he’s playing Splatoon with Ant.

5. Turtle Beach.  I love their headphones, I’ve owned many of them and am always pleased with their tech.  Hopefully they can refine the 12 series and get me even better audio quality for less than $50.


Eddie Ankenbrandt:
1. Write your own editorial bum.

2. Alright fine, the only thing I want to see is Wii U stuff. Mainly Star Fox, Black Ops 3, and anything for the new Zelda. Black Ops 2 was on Wii U and now on Call of Duty’s website you can link your Nintendo Network ID so maybe we will get 3 on there.
(Editor’s note: Remember he said “The only thing I want to see is Wii U stuff.” Now watch Eddie follow that up with some games that won’t be on a Nintendo platform. Bum.)

3. Destiny 2: Guardian Boogaloo

4. Definitely Battlefront and whatever Star Wars game that Visceral is working on.

5. There’s whispers of a new Knights Of The Old Republic. Doubt it, but fingers crossed anyway.


Mike Johnston:
1. Xenoblade

2. Anything Zelda related.

3. Where the hell is Last Guardian?

4. It’s probably not going to happen but I would love a PS4 release or sequel to Shadow of Colossus. It was promised, but who knows?

5. I want details on Forza 6! I am chomping at the bit for this game. Are we getting a Ford GT or what? I predict we will but we’ll see.

6. I want new Sony and Nintendo IP announcements.
(Editor’s Note: That’s 6 things, but we’ll let it slide since he’s the boss.)

What announcements do you want to see? Add your most wanted to our Facebook comments and any topics you’d like us to discuss. Next week we will be talking about our “Gamer Confessions” where our team will bear their souls and probably ruin our street credibility.


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