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By Anthony DeVirgilis, June 19, 2012 News, Nintendo

In an interview conducted by GameSpot , New Super Mario Bros. U producer Takashi Tezuka stated where is team is drawing inspiration from. There has been a 2D platforming renaissance as of late, with games like Braid, Super Meat Boy,… Read More »

By getamikeON, June 18, 2012 E3

In the spirit of E3 and the willingness to share how we feel, a few of our team members both Editors and Writers at GameGravy have put together a quick list of best and worst happenings at E3. We hope… Read More »

By Jeffrey Wilkes, June 18, 2012 News, Nintendo

Sakurai has just informed Nintendo Power that he is in the first step of making the new Super Smash Bros. game.  The bad thing about this is that they announced this game last year before he even started working on… Read More »

By Jimmy, June 18, 2012 News

It has been revealed that the villain in the new star trek game will be the Gorn, a lizard-like alien species that are intent on conquering the galaxy.  The Gorn are considered an iconic nemesis in the world of star… Read More »

By James, June 17, 2012 News

You’re not one of those rogues who sets his system clock to these dates to just get a trophy, are you?  Personally, I’d never do that. Today is Father’s Day, June 17.  Consider this your Official GameGravy Reminderâ„¢ talk to… Read More »

By James, June 16, 2012 News, PC, Sony, Steam

So this video got posted and then removed pretty quickly, but a few outlets managed to snag it. Overkill’s PAYDAY and Valve’s Left 4 Dead crossover game will (at least) be in the form of a new map, with what… Read More »

By Chris King, June 15, 2012 Microsoft, News, Release Dates, Sony

Capcom’s extremely popular survival horror game Resident Evil is getting a collection.  That’s right ladies and gentlemen you will be able to have a whole lot of zombies for a fairly decent price.  It will be coming out for Xbox… Read More »