Best and Worst of E3

In the spirit of E3 and the willingness to share how we feel, a few of our team members both Editors and Writers at GameGravy have put together a quick list of best and worst happenings at E3. We hope you enjoy this and are enlightened, agree or are enraged. Either way, if you’d like to write how you feel about E3 below, by all means feel free to pour it all out. We totally are.



E3 Best:

  • The general WTF feeling watching the new Far Cry 3 trailer
  • That Starry Night inspired screen from New Super Mario Bros. U
  • The Wii Birth U trailer
E3 Worst:
  • Joe Montana’s awkward attempt to recreate his Sports Talk Football glory days during the Microsoft presser
  • Only one new game announced from Nintendo
  • Almost every game is a shooter and/or a sequel and/or a dancing game (Though I could have gone for a game where you shoot dancers)


E3 Best:
  • Beyond for PS3
  • ZombiU for WiiU
  • WiiU potential
E3 Worst:
  • Microsoft Press Conference
  • Limited amount of surprises
  • Too many dance games


E3 Best:

  • Far Cry 3 – I could seriously watch that trailer on repeat.  Also, co-op!
  • Sony’s Presentation in General – It’s always entertaining!
  • The WiiU – It actually might be good, rather than a mashup of horrible minigames!

E3 Worst:

  • Microsoft forgetting that E3 was going on, slapping some updates on Halo 3 and releasing it as Halo 4
  • Playstation All Stars Battle Royale – I’ve already decided I don’t like this game – and while playing it may be fun, watching others play it is  impossible


E3 Best:
  • Watch Dogs from UbiSoft
  • Last Of Us and Beyond from Sony
  • Wii U Launch Line-up ( ZombiU, New Super Mario U, Nintendo Land, Pikmin 3, Lego City Undercover, Rayman Legends)
E3 Worst:
  • Bland press conferences from the Big 3 (Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo)
  • Too many Shooters and dance games
  • Not enough NEW announcements


E3 Best:

  • The last of us gameplay
  • Watch dogs
  • Beyond- two souls

E3 Worst:

  • No Wii U release date or price
  • Microsoft’ smart glass
  • Kinect in Madden




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