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GAME NAME: Disney Infinity

DEVELOPER(S): Avalanche Software

PUBLISHER(S): Disney Interactive Studios,

PLATFORM(S): Xbox360, PS3, Wii U, Wii, 3DS

GENRE(S): Action-Adventure

RELEASE DATE(S): August 18, 2013


If you have played Skylanders than you probably already know how the base works by putting characters on it.  If you haven’t then you are in for a treat and to spend lots of money in the long run.  Disney Infinity is a fun game for a little while but more so for they younger gamers.  The starter pack comes with the game and the figurines of Mr. Incredible of The Incredibles, James Sullivan (Sully) of Monsters University, and Captain Jack Sparrow of the Pirates of the Caribbean series.  There are a couple of modes to play, there’s toy box mode and play set mode.  The game also has things called power discs that can also be bought to add on to the character and his/her abilities.  There are more figurines than the three that I mentioned but I will only review the game of these three in particular but I will also let you know of the characters that there are and that are set to come out in the near future.


The gameplay is not your normal type of gaming as per your usual games on any system.  You will have your game on a disc like normal and will use the controller to play but there is the added content of a base that connects to the USB port of your console.  figurines are placed upon the designated areas of the base to create your characters in your game.  Once your character is on the screen you are set to play the game any way you would like.  You can play preset game modes, called Play Set Mode,  that have levels created from movies such as Monster’s University, The Incredibles, and etc.  You can also play Toy Box Mode, which is a basic level with almost nothing in it so you can create your own level as you see fit.  The graphics of the game are pretty good in Play Set Mode and seem a little less indulging in Toy Box Mode.  The play is pretty basic with the buttons.  There’s the jump and double jump, attack and a special for each character.  Each character has a unique special, like Sully can scare others and so on.  The co-op in the game is lacking for true gamers but for younger players it works.  You can’t ride in a vehicle together, there are no missions that require two players to finish or any benefits or there being two players even playing other than possibly finishing the missions a little faster.


The toy box mode is an open world that you can use any character to play whether it is single player or co-op.  In this mode you can play around and create your own kind of level to your liking.  It has potential but the problem is once you get to a point on placing objects in your world, you will have to delete items to place other items.  Playing in the preset worlds, you can unlock items and earn “spins” to unlock new items to use in the toy box.  I personally see toy box mode as too much work but my kids love it because they like creating their own level.  My son will play it for hours and maybe even all day if I let him.  I enjoy it more with my kids than I do alone but to each their own.


The play set mode is what I find to be more exciting.  It’s levels are from the movies and look a lot better in graphics and more is going on to keep you interested.  The levels can get pretty repetitive but if you are looking to just enjoy a game then it is worth putting time into.  The co-op aspect of it kinda sucks because if you don’t have a character from that particular movie than you can only play that level as a single player unless you go out and spend the money on a new character.  Basically, Mr. Incredible can not be used in the Monster’s University level, so you must go pay for the Mike or Randy figurines to play to two players.  Again, as you play through these playsets you can unlock items or vehicles to use in your toy box world.


The power discs are used to add abilities to your character such as leveling up faster, refill health and more.  There are also hexagonal power discs are used in the toy box mode, which can alter the land or background and add new weapons or vehicles.  The power discs can be bought just like the figurines and usually come two to a package.


I will start this conclusion by saying this: It is a good game to have fun and it isn’t much of a game for challenges.  If you are a hardcore gamer than you will probably think very little of this game.  If you have a child or a family, then this game is definitely worth picking up and enjoying as a family.  My kids love it with out me playing and love it more when I play co-op with them.  I play the play set mode more because I don’t want to build my game, I just want to play and have fun.  The downside of this game in my opinion is the fact that there are unlockables in the game that need characters you have to go out and buy at the store.  Also, I don’t mind buying the characters to use to play the game but it would be nice if they were a little cheaper being that there is a ridiculous amount of characters and power discs to collect.  It is definitely a great game for the whole family to enjoy.  Below I have a list of characters just so you can see how many there are to collect and for you to know what is out there to collect.


The figurines that are out and that are set to come out vary of all sorts of Disney characters.  The starter pack comes with Mr. Incredible, Captain Jack Sparrow and Sully.  There are more characters out there and seem to keep being released with time.  As of this writing here is a chart of what there is already out and whats to come:

Pirates of the Caribbean:  Captain Jack Sparrow, Barbossa, Davy Jones

The Incredibles:  Mr. Incredible, Mrs. Incredible/Elastigirl, Dash, Violet, Syndrome

Monsters University:  Sully, Mike, Randy

Cars:  Lightning Mcqueen, Holley Shiftwell, Francesco, Mater

The Lone Ranger:  The Lone Ranger, Tonto

Toy Story:  Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Jessie

Nightmare Before Christmas:  Jack Skellington

Tangled:  Rapunzel

Wreck-it Ralph:  Wreck-it Ralph, Venellope Von Schweetz

Frozen:  Anna, Elsa

Fantasia:  Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey Mouse

Phineas and Ferb:  Phineas, Agent P.


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