Adventure Bar Story

7.75 Overall Score
Graphics : 7/10
Sound: 7/10
Gameplay : 8/10

Easy to learn|battle system|addicting gameplay

Inventory system|grinding for ingredients|overly simple

Game Info

GAME NAME: Adventure Bar Story

DEVELOPER(S): Rideon Inc/Rideon Japan Inc

PUBLISHER(S): Circle Entertainment

PLATFORM(S): Nintendo 3DS

GENRE(S): RPG/Simulation

RELEASE DATE(S): February 19th, 2015

One part restaurant simulation and one part dungeon crawler, Adventure Bar Story is a whole lot of fun with addicting gameplay and easy to learn systems that help newcomers that are not comfortable with RPGs (Role-Playing Games) feel welcome and get into the action fast. While  there is a great time to be had with Adventure Bar Story for the Nintendo 3DS  there are still a few small problems that keep it from being a masterpiece. Lets take a deep look at one of the most unique games on the Nintendo eShop.


In a small town there is a small Bar where two sisters both live and work, this where the adventure starts and will keep coming back to. In this small town there is a large overpowering restaurant that aims to take control of the town and would like to buy out the bar where our player lives and works, and as long as they are able they will cook and kill anything that gets in their way, well as long as they are monsters in the many different dungeons that surround the town of Casslburg. That’s the story of Adventure Bar Story, save the bar from being bought out, and losing your home, the fun is how you will go about saving the failing restaurant.

There are two parts of Adventure Bar Story The first part is all about the restaurant and managing the menu with new foods that are made by collecting different “Mats” (ingredients) and finding or buying recipes. as the player you are able to buy the Mats and recipes, or you can venture outside of the town to go into a new towns or head in to a fields or caves (dungeon) to fight monsters and find Mats lying on the ground. This is where the second part of the game is made up, players will fight monsters and explore new areas in hope to find Mats, which can be used just like the ones bought this is a good way to save money and find rare Mats. Players can lvl up by eating foods and lvl their skills by fighting monsters, people that are met are in town can also join your party and help defeat much tougher enemies.


Finding Mats and recipes can be very addicting and cook the different Mats to make meals can be very addicting. If the game was just a restaurant sim it could stop with buying a trading good and cooking different meals, the game would be very good. By adding the rpg and dungeon aspect to the game was a great idea. There are so many Mats to find and use, many different areas, and even cooking competitions to compete in, for the $5.99 price tag the game is well worth the cost. There are times that the game gets tedious with just how much there can be to manage, and there is the first problem with the very simple system, the inventory system is not very well done. There are too many menus to try and find Mats no real simple way to find what you need and what is needed to be used. there are ways to make Mats, but the game never tells you if that is better then buying it.

There is no 3D effect in the game in any way, this is a port of an andriod\Ios game of the same name, and while the game looks great, the controls feel dated and can cause moments of anyouncence. The music gets old very fast there is not enough variety the music that is here sounds good, but it just gets old way too fast.

The Recommendation

Adventure Bar Story is a game that I can easily recommend to almost anyone that is looking for a good time killer RPG or Simulation game. Its simple to learn and easy to play, and that will be a downfall for some there is not much depth here and the game will only last as long as player enjoy how simple the cooking and fighting system is. The price is right for this game, and I think almost anyone will enjoy.



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