6 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Graphics: 5/10
Sound : 7/10

Online Leaderboards | 5 Players

Lack of Story or Tutorial | Graphics Could Be Better

Game Info

GAME NAME: 99Seconds

DEVELOPER(S): EnjoyUp Games

PUBLISHER(S): EnjoyUp Games

PLATFORM(S): Nintendo Wii U

GENRE(S): Arcade

RELEASE DATE(S): October 2nd, 2014

99Seconds is the second game I’ve had the pleasure reviewing from EnjoyUp Games in the past few weeks.  I wasn’t necessarily fond of Darts Up, but I definitely found more to like in the follow up to the 2011 Nintendo DS title 99Bullets and the re-release of the 2012 Nintendo DS title by the same name.


Without reading up and doing research on either of the previously mentioned titles, you wouldn’t know that there are names to the characters or even a semi coherent storyline.  The story on the Nintendo game page hub states that you play as a character named V-99 who has entered the mysterious area called Bit 8.  He doesn’t know how he gained the powers to slow time, but he now possesses them and uses it to his advantage to avoid being killed by the Black Vectors.  Now this isn’t the most marvelous story, but a mention to it’s existence would have been welcome.

The controls are simple, like any good arcade style game should be.  You move V-99 would the left analog stick and slow down the Black Vectors movement with any other button.  There is no tutorial so you have to figure out how everything works yourself.  You have 99 seconds to survive and earn the highest score possible.  The structure is set in basically one long level with around 25 or so waves that count down to 1.  If you touch the Black Vector or use your slow down ability you will not gain any points.  Collecting black hole power-ups will give you an extra 9 seconds of time and collecting little characters that appear on the screen give you point bonuses.


99Seconds also has a new mode available that wasn’t on it’s previous release.  In survival mode, you can play up to 5 players locally and try to outlast each other in the stages.  I was personally more of a fan of the Arcade mode, but if you have a few friends over, this isn’t a bad option for some quick multiplayer matches.  There is also an online leaderboards for your scores, which is almost a necessity for arcade games now-a-days.

Graphically, the game has been remastered in 1080p and 60fps from it’s DsiWare counterpart but still looks like a game that came from the handheld system.  It accomplishes what they were trying to do, but it doesn’t have the “Next” gen feel that other eShop titles boast.  I do like the colors and when you run out of time the inverted look that it has though.  The soundtrack is catchy and enjoyable and never feels old even when playing through the Arcade mode over and over.

The Recommendation

There are a few quirky little time wasters that I’ve had the chance to review on the Wii U and 99Seconds is just as fun as some of RCMADIAX’s games or others like I’ve Got to Run or IQ Test.  The addition of an online leaderboard helps to draw you back in to try to scratch and claw your way to the top spot.  This isn’t a deep experience, but sometimes all your looking for is a few minutes here or there to jump on a game and 99Seconds delivers.





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