Don’t Forget to Claim Your Nintendo Switch Account ID

Don’t forget that you can claim your unique Nintendo Account User ID for the Switch. Once you login to the Nintendo site, scroll down to User ID and it will be blank. For me, Nintendo made me change my password before being able to add my ID so be aware that may happen to you and don’t be confused if that pops up, its not very user friendly. I kept going back saying I don’t want to change my darn password, I like it as is but they would not let me move forward unless I did.

There are a few Nintendo account types you can make, why Nintendo does this is beyond me. They should employ K.I.S.S.,  Keep It Simple Stupid.

  • A Nintendo Account: The e-mail and password combination through which you access the great majority of Nintendo services.
  • Nickname: However you want to be referred to by Nintendo services, i.e. your first name.
  • Nintendo Network ID: How Nintendo users interfaced with the Wii U’s and 3DS’s eShop and Miiverse.
  • User ID: And now your User ID which you can go claim now for your Switch.

Now users are being prompted to create Nintendo Account User IDs. Switch buyers are already claiming theirs by logging into their Nintendo Account and registering for an ID. It sure seems like a confusing number of accounts to have. Perhaps they’ll replace NNIDs, and maybe combine all these accounts under one name one day. Maybe they can call this id the Super Nintendo ID to access all that is your Nintendo.




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