First time going to PAX Prime?

PAX Prime 2015 is this week, and for the video game lover, it is the most exciting four days of the year. If there is a video game coming out, or something you want to play, it is almost guaranteed to be at PAX! From indie games to the biggest releases of the year, PAX has it.

If this is your first time heading to PAX, you may be wondering what to prepare for. The huge crowds, long lines, and overall enormous size of the convention may be daunting. Last year was my first time attending PAX and by the end of the weekend I had a good idea of what I needed for the following year.

First and foremost, bring a drawstring bag or small backpack. The amount of free “swag” you get is ridiculous, and you end up carrying the bags around with you. This inhibits your ability to play games, because whenever you go to play you have to set your bag down and worry about someone snatching it. Make sure that this bag can be easily secured as to deter thieves. I’m not saying that you’re stuff will get stolen, as the PAX crowd is generally a good group, but it is better to be on the safe side.PAX2011 - 08

Second, bring a wallet and make sure there is room in it. Also something to openly carry identification. You will need your ID for after parties, and extra space for business cards that you acquire (if you are networking while there). You are required to keep you pass available, so if you have a favorite lanyard, make sure to bring it. Otherwise you will collect a million throughout the convention.

Third, snacks and water! There are food vendors there, but they are a little pricey. Save that money for merch and bring some granola bars instead. You’ll get dehydrated from all of the walking so bring a water bottle. Some handsanitizer is also advised, as you have no idea where everyone’s hands have been. Most people get sick after PAX!

Fourth, entertainment. A portable phone charger is HIGHLY advised, as you will be taking pictures all day. You run into gaming celebrities, your favorite game devs, and Twitch/YouTube stars left and right. Snap pictures of everything! Last year we brought the game “We Didn’t Playtest This At All” to play while waiting in line.

Now what to wear? Comfortable shoes are a MUST. Ladies, I know wearing those booties with the heel would look great, but trust me, wear some comfortable flats. I would suggest something with a comfy insole. You will be walking miles and your feet will feel like falling off. Jeans and a t-shirt is my recommended get-up. Also bring a sweatshirt. Last year the convention center went from a sauna to an ice box, depending on where you’re at.

A word of advice; go to every panel that you want to. Don’t opt out on a panel because your friends don’t want to go, or skip out on that game competition you like because your group hates the game. Go to everything that you want to see. PAX is only once a year, and you’re going to regret not going to that “one thing”. You can always catch up with your friends later!

Prepare your stuff now so you can focus on the fun later! Get your schedule all set using the PAX app. PAX Prime is my favorite event of the year, and if you’re going for the first time, trust me… Your brain is going to melt. Follow me on Twitter @leveluplexie if you want any tips, tricks, or someone to hang out with!



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Currently attending Central Washington University, I am an avid gamer stuck in a little town. I am a PC gamer with a taste for horror games and gore. Constantly talking about my cats, tarantulas, and my great need for sushi.