An Inkload of new content heading to Splatoon

A Nintendo press release obtained via Business Wire this morning goes into detail about the new content set to hit Splatoon on Aug 5th. And it is a metric Ink-ton of content. From new modes,weapons, gear, and lvl caps, Squids new and old are bound to be excited about this news. Now as Callie and Marie would say here are the “deets.”


Two New Game Modes

In Squad Battle players will be able to be able to create a squad of two to four inklings with friends. These matches will use the ranked battle rule set. Friends will always play on the same team together matched up to battle other squads at random.

In Private Battle friends will be able to battle it out with each other in customizable matches, where two to eight can select their favorite maps, modes, and weapons. These¬† matches can be 1v1 to 4v4, unless the host chooses other wise. The host can also change the combo to however they like 1v4 , 3v5, or 1v7 it’s up to them.

New Level Cap

The update also brings the level cap up to 50 in Regular Battle and S and S+ ranks in the Ranked Battle play list.

Two New Weapon Types

First up is the bucket-like Slosher weapons that will hurl ink forward at an impressive range. And by adjusting the angle you will be able to splat Inklings up high or even on the other side of a wall. Next up is the Gatling-style Splatling, which will allow players to charge up powerful blasts of ink. A maximum charge will unleash this weapons full destructive potential.

New Gear

There will more than 40 new pieces of gear coming to the in-game shops. These include a leather jacket, a sushi-chef costume, and more.



Also it looks that Nintendo also has even more free content planned outside of the Aug. 5th update. With new maps, weapons, and the Rainmaker Ranked Battle mode all planned to hit through summer and the fall. In the meantime Staaaay Fresh!


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