You have to try everything once… Right?

We all get into that gaming habit of playing the same couple games every day. You get home from work or school, boot up your console or PC, and start your go-to game. You spend your off time playing that one game, usually with friends who also only play that one game, and the ritual begins again the next day.

I am 100 percent guilty of this. Every day I sit down at my desktop, and open up League of Legends. This has been my daily routine for a very long time, too long in fact, though I occasionally take a week break here and there. As I meet gamers left and right within my community I am always told to try new games but never do. The amount of time I have spent playing League of Legends is a little sad… Though I have logged a ridiculous amount of time on my other binges.

Many get into these routines because of the community they play with. I have a group that I play League with daily and this has become my social time. Late into the night we joke around, give each other advice, and help each other to become better League players. Having a core group of friends to play a game with makes the experience much better and the trolling goes down to a minimum. Everyone has their role and sticks to it for the most part, allowing you to attempt to perfect your craft.

Occasionally you veer off into uncharted territory, but everything is unfamiliar. Due to a learning curve or lack of community you often head right back to your habitual game. That short amount of time spent playing another game either shows you how much you already like your current game, or opens up a whole new set of opportunities and friendships, thus cementing your current routine or creating a whole new one.

When is the last time you tried something new? Perhaps Counter-Strike has gotten a bit too mundane, or World of Warcraft just isn’t what it used to be. With new games coming out every day, take a little time to break the mold. Challenge yourself to learn something new!


(If anyone wants to coach me on how to play DOTA 2, let me know, because I just downloaded it… And I am terrified of the learning curve.)



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Currently attending Central Washington University, I am an avid gamer stuck in a little town. I am a PC gamer with a taste for horror games and gore. Constantly talking about my cats, tarantulas, and my great need for sushi.