Beans Quest 2: Bean Dreams iPAD Impressions PAX East 2015

Perusing the indie section at PAX East this year I found an awesome gem sitting right in front of me. Bean’s Quest 2: Bean Dreams is an iOS game and soon to be released on Steam, it’s developed by Kumobius Games. Bean’s Quest 2 is a the second game in the Bean’s Quest series and is a colorful platformer. Kumobius Games had a large TV setup with a mini computer and connected an original NES controller to demo Bean’s Quest 2, they also had iPAD’s to test out as well. This setup made this title standout greatly as the art work is very rich in color and is cleanly designed.


You’re a Bean and constantly jumping you just need to navigate left and right to collect fruit and navigate through fiery dangers. This sounds easy but don’t be deceived, you cannot collect everything on the first play through. Multiple play through’s are required and give this title major replay value. The sound/music is excellent and the graphics are so colorful and fun. All the artwork is drawn and designed by James Greenaway (

This title definitely an awesome surprise to find at PAX East. If you have an iOS device and looking for new game that’s entertaining, you can’t go wrong with is $2.99 purchase, I highly recommend checking it out.

iTunes Link:



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