Hands-on with Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS

We all here at GameGravy are awaiting the release of Super Smash Bros. for both the 3DS and Wii U.  The 3DS version will hit shelves October 3rd this year and the Wii U Smash Bros. will be available during the holiday time of this year as well.  I was able to attend one of the Best Buy events being held to promote Super Smash Bros. called “Smash Fest”.  As the time neared 4pm, which was the starting time of the event, there were close to 70 or so people waiting in line to play Nintendo’s famous fighting masterpiece.


Originally, there were supposed to be only four characters to choose from during this event and I soon found out after talking with the Nintendo reps that it was the same roster as at E3.  Since I arrived a lot earlier than the event’s start time, I spoke with the reps about the way they planned on holding the Smash Fest.  As they were taking out four Wii U Pro Controllers, they explained that their ultimate goal was to let as many people play and have fun as they could.


As the time neared for all who so patiently waited to play this game, both the Nintendo reps explained that everyone will be allowed two-2min. matches a piece.  As I began to inspect the play area and setup of the event, I noticed four 3DS XL systems under the table in a box.  They started to take them out and I asked if they contained the 3DS version for us all to try, and they quietly told me yes since they knew I was an editor for gaming sites (Go GameGravy and NintendoFever!).  It was a special treat for all who waited in line to play the Wii U version; they had two people who were helping attach them to a belt and walk around for people to play the 3DS version.  You were given five minutes to play the 3DS version of Super Smash Bros. and then it was off to the next in line.  Down below is a video of me playing the 3DS version with Toon Link on a mode called Smash Run.  Smash Run is a platforming adventure style mode that has enemies appear and attack you, while attacking back as the enemies fly after being attacked they drop power ups.  Those power ups will add bonus points to some attributes such as, jumping or attacking power.


I played two matches on the Wii U Super Smash Bros. and chose Mega Man first and Zero Suit Samus in the second round.  Mega Man was definitely not a good character for me, as I didn’t get his moves down fast enough.  Zero Suit Samus was easier to pickup and play with, but I still wasn’t victorious with her either.  From the looks of it Little Mac and The Villager seem to be power houses in this new installment of Super Smash Bros. who both equally wrecked me.  I can’t wait for Super Smash Bros. to release so I can get my fighting skills back up to par to play online this holiday.  Check out the two videos below to see me play the Wii U version as Mega Man and Zero Suit Samus, the game ran smoothly and beautifully.


Nintendo has done a very good job keeping Super Smash Bros. on both systems running smooth and playing great.  Check back with us to hear about more news regarding Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. and possibly a chance to play against the editors here at GameGravy when it releases.


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