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By James, November 2, 2012 News

Confused about flanking?  What does LoS stand for?  What’s the best way to shoot those damn Mutens in the spine?  This big graphic should help you out! *Line of sight Click it to make it larger.  Very helpful stuff if… Read More »

By getamikeON, November 2, 2012 News

What’s cooler than Assassin’s Creed III? Assassins Creed in real life, and more specially free-runner Ronnie Shalvis. You can find more on Shalvis at his Facebook page, and see a behind the scenes video here.      

By getamikeON, November 1, 2012 Microsoft, News, Sony

EA announced today that fans who pre-order the highly acclaimed “One of the greatest shooters ever made” Crysis 3, will receive a free digital download copy of the original Crysis game. This is definitely good for those who haven’t played the… Read More »

By getamikeON, November 1, 2012 Mobile, News

What happens when you want to take an amazing game like Borderlands and play it on the go? You get Borderlands Legends! This awesome game will be on tablet and mobile. Borderlands: Legends on IOS and will is available now!!… Read More »