GameGravy Gaming Weekend, 8/3 Edition

Heeeere’s Friday!  As we enter the dog days of summer, Game Gravy wants to know how you’re spending your weekend!  Going outside, perhaps?  Maybe to a social gathering?  Hahah, of course not, you’re playing video games!

  • Spec Ops: The Line?  I just finished it, and I can completely agree with Mike’s write-up.  This is a stellar game with a brilliant story and some serious questions are posed.  Enjoy the endings, each one is better than the last.
  • Dragon’s Dogma?  e-z-e’s review lets us know there should be more roads, and also that chainmail bikinis are totally appropriate.
  • I’ll be trying to huff my way through Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, in which Desmond is Ezio and Altair and for some reason there’s a tower defense minigame.
  • Expendables 2 came out on PSN, and our quick discussion panel has has so far brought the comment that “even the trees explode.”

So what will you be playing?  Leave us a message in the comments!





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