GameGravy Gaming Weekend, 7/6 Edition

As the text reads in the intro to Secret of Mana, “But time flows like a river…  and history repeats…”  Man, I just showed my age.  Remember Secret of Mana, and all those other great SNES RPGs?  I may be devoting a bit of time to them this weekend.

  • Secret of Mana – just writing that made me want to play it again.  Bugs and awful Mode7 graphics aside, the combat was fun, the story was surprisingly dark and mature, and it was 3-player! (I had a multitap!)
  • Final Fantasy 3 – Is this game even beatable in a weekend?  I’m sure someone has tried.
  • Chrono Trigger – My save file for this game is from, and I’m not making this up, May 1995.
  • Earthbound – Ever beat this game?  The final boss battle is the weirdest thing I’ve ever experienced, and I played Catherine.

Any others I’m missing?  These game pique nostalgia, but they were also great games that stand the test of time in their lucrative remakes – you can get Chrono Trigger on 4 different systems!  I think I may do Secret of Mana, personally.

Of course, if you’ve got one of those new consoles, you could play that too.  Might I suggest 3DS’s VVVVVVVVVVV?

Let us know your gaming weekend habits, and as always, if you’re up for some online or co-op, drop your ID!



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