Another Minecraft Xbox 360 Update: 8 New features added

Golems, villages, strongholds and more oh my!

So you may think you know what’s going on with Minecraft Xbox360, but do you? There are lot more features announced today and being added to Minecraft Xbox 360 that are pretty exciting. See below for all the fantasical details.

8 New Awesome Features!!

1.) Creative Mode

This one is a pretty obvious one thats why its first! If you have dabbled in Minecraft then you know that its quite tricky to build complicated things quickly. You have to deal with enemies, work with limited and hard to find resources and deal with…gravity. Creative Mode, lets you kick gravity in the balls and hands you infinite blocks to build in ease until your heart is content.



2.) Strongholds, Temples, Abandoned Mine Shafts

Right now in Minecraft theres a lack of general structure. The terrain generator isn’t all that great, with quirks here and there. Needless to say the future updates will have labyrinth Abandoned Mine Shafts, strongholds, and temples, these will hold all sorts of precious gear and unique monsters.

3.) Stuff to do in the Nether

Currently the Nether’s horribly boring sauce. Its literally a mass of lava. However, with the new update, there will be Strongholds to be home to some, and plenty of other fun stuff that will knock your socks off. You’ll be able to do something with this place.

4.) Animal breeding

Animals aren’t just for kicking, they are for feeding and breeding and then killing whenever the mood strikes. Once this lovely update hits,  you’ll be able to force feed cows, pigs and another animals before you prep them for some fancy fun sexy time and force them to fornicate only to slay their young in front of them. It sounds awful and somewhat sadistically fun. It’s just the cycle of Minecraft life, in no way do I condone this in real life….just in Minecraft.

5.) Golems

Are you getting sick of certain types of allies? You are feel ecstatic about the fabled Sno Golem? Well well, now you if you’d like to wach a pumpkin and throw it on a stack of snow blocks you’ll make one. Snow Golems are very happy to engage hostile mobs and leave trail of snow behind them providing you with, tah dah, more resources to build yet more Snow Golems, look forward to this in the next patch!

6.) NPC Villages

When there is enough flatland, NPC villages are bound to pop up. When they do, you know your in for some good old fashioned brutal fun. Each village contains a blacksmith or a tower, which hold lovely treasure chests. Anything that holds goodies can’t be bad.

7.) Enchanting

This isn’t kansas anymore, well was it every anyways? Be prepared to be more powerful with enchanting! Turn your sword into a burst of flame! Keep your weapons stronger without degrading too quickly. With the right amount of enemy-dropped experience, your enchanting is limitless, muahaha.

8.) Hunger

May the odds ever be in your favor! Let the Hunger Games begin. Well you may not be a tribute, but you may get hungry with the new update. This update may not be a fun one. We’ll have to see how it plays out. You’ll have a hunger meter and your energy will decrease with the more building and slaying and running around you do. You’ll have to eat up to restore your health. This will be a pain for some and a challenge to others.





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