Ant’s Rants: What is and Isn’t bothering me about Nintendo


Let us start out with what is not bothering me about Nintendo:

As bland and uneventful Nintendo’s E3 presentations really don’t bother me now as much as they did a little less then a week ago.  Let’s face the facts here, we knew they were not going to give us every last detail and they were really focusing on the “launch window” of the system.  I think we all were disappointed we didn’t get to see a 10 second splash of a few games they might have up their sleeves for the next few years, say like a Zelda HD or 3D Mario HD, but to the point they are trying to show us what will be out this fall when the system launches.  Pikmin 3, New Super Mario U and Nintendo Land look already to surefire hits and for the casuals Nintendo is publishing new Wii Fit software and SiNG.  Let’s not forget that Nintendo is publishing the much anticipated Lego City Undercover as well, which means Nintendo systems will be your only destination if you want to play this amazing looking game.  The 3rd party offerings are unheard of for a Nintendo console as well.  Forget the fact that a few of these games have been out for a little bit, but they are triple A titles. Mass Effect 3 and Batman Arkham City were two of the highest rated games this generation and Assassin’s Creed 3 is one of the most anticipated games this Fall.  Ubisoft also has ZombiU and Rayman Legends in the launch window so if you’re a gamer and can not find something to satisfy your gaming appetite, then you are clearly lying.  Also rumors are swirling that Black Ops 2 will be on the Wii U this Fall, so again, there will be something for everybody.

The Wii U Pro pad is awesome! This is proof that Nintendo will at least CONSIDER the hardcore gamer this generation.

The Miiverse is a cool concept, I will wait to see it in action to make a final judgement, but honestly, THANK YOU NINTENDO for moderating it.  The last thing I want to see when I sign on are some 12 year old trolls being douches or giving spoilers.  This my friends IS A GOOD THING!

And now for what is bothering me:

No online co-op for Pikmin 3? Are you Serious, Bro?  Come on Nintendo, this isn’t 2001.  We aren’t on the brink of consoles going online.  I’ll been an Xbox Live subscriber for 7 years and if you made a service that was on par with that, I would gladly through a 50 spot your way each year.  And please stop with the excuses.  If you can’t have 100 pikmin on screen at once for 2 players to play online with each other without suffering hardware setbacks, well then up your hardware specs.  This doesn’t sound promising that there are already hardware limitations before launch.  Personally I really don’t think there are limitations, I just think it is a cheap cop out for Nintendo to not include online.

The secrets about the Wii U.  Come on guys we are 3 – 6 months away and you haven’t done more then really tease us.  Let’s have the price and release date so I can go and pre-order the damn thing atleast.

Friend codes…. enough said.

And that concludes my Nintendo rants for this week, please join me as praise and insult Nintendo in one article next week.  Thanks for listening.



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