Nintendo 3DS Press Conference


So on Tuesday the Wii U press conference was pretty lackluster, with the exception of Pikmin 3, Nintendo Land, Zombi U and Lego City Underground.  We will have complete up to the minute updates as Nintendo hopefully announces so new games.  We know we will be seeing Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, Paper Mario Sticker Star, Kingdom Hearts and Heroes of Ruin, but I really up Nintendo has a few aces left up their sleeve.  I would love to see some eShop games announced,  as well as some new Virtual Console games.  Nintendo could really use a pick me up with a huge first party offering and some more 3rd party support starting now.  Check back at 9pm EST as we will be updating every few minutes.


9:00 – and we’re waiting….


9:06 – I want to record this just because they said not too…. does that make me a bad person?

9:09 – Here we go!

9:10 – Regginator is on the floor and now Scott Moffit

9:14 – Sales Figures…blah

9:15 – Castlevania Mirror of Fate video now showing, Simon Belmont is back and the Art Style is NICE! Consider me Impressed!

9:18 – Ken Hall from Konami on stage now explaining the combat, some of the best graphics I’ve seen on the 3DS.  Coming this fall.

9:21 – Plays like a 2D God of War.  Can’t Wait!

9:23 – Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon now playing!

9:24 – New environments in the mansions look great.  Definitely another must have from Nintendo.  Multiple Mansions, new beams, Coming this fall  both at retail and on the eShop.  Video up for download on the eShop NOW!

9:26 – Warren Spector on stage.  Talking Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion

9:30 – Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion video now playing

9:32 – Cool concept, looks good… Might get lost with all the great titles coming this holiday

9:33 – Paper Mario Sticker Star now playing

9:34 – Stickers EVERYWHERE!!!

9:36 – RPG elements are more streamlined, you help characters and look around to “level up”, no XP

9:40 – WTF is that cat?

9:41 – That’s a huge fan, and thats what sh….. never mind

9:44 – 3D trailer for Paper Mario available in the eShop right now

9:45 – Kingdom Hearts Trailer and Jeff’s 3DS is dead LOLZ

9:46 – July 31st release date and demo coming soon

9:47 – Scribblenauts Unlimited, Wii U and 3DS… Scribblenauts overload

9:48 – Montage – LEGO Batman 2, Transformers Prime, Rabbids Rumble, Heroes of Ruin… just four? hmmm

9:49 – Pokemon Black and White 2

9:50 – hopefully some eShop goodness?!?!

9:51 – Threediots videos coming to Nintendo Video

9:53 – Pokemon Dream Radar and Pokedex 3D Pro coming to the eShop

9:54 – Heroes of Ruin, Rhythm Thief and Spider-man getting Demos

9:54 – LEGO Batman 2 Demo in the eshop NOW

9:55 – Full retail games in the eshop and download codes at retail

9:55 – New Super Mario Bros. 2 first full downloadable game, now demoing it on stage

9:56 – Mario and Goldmember would get along

9:57 – New game mode called coin rush, one life and get as many coins as possible, then shared via street pass

10:00 – Entire single player is co-op….sick!

10:02 – Please something new?

10:03 – It’s over and nothing new…. kinda sums up the whole E3 in general



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