Soooo….as of now….who won E3?


So far, in a gathered opinion….Ubisoft has won E3 so far.  Microsoft, Sony and yes even Nintendo didn’t have anything truly worthy of taking this year’s show.  I wish Nintendo had a lot more better games to present, possibly a Zelda for 3DS or why not a Star Fox or F-Zero for the Wii U?  Where the hell was Retro????  We all would love to see a new Metroid with a possibility of using the Unreal Engine.  In all fairness, Nintendo did what they said and showed the Wii U and explained it a little better for the most part.

Microsoft didn’t win us over with their Smart Glass (the alleged Wii U killer), in fact I found it just another plea for I wish I would’ve thought of that first!  Nintendo always has a better imagination for innovation and everyone else always tries to come out with something fairly similar to compete.  Halo 4 looks like that will be Microsoft’s bread winner this year as always and nothing else to truly offer in originality.

Sony tried to grab people with their Wonder Book-Book of Spells game for the PS Move, which doesn’t look bad but isn’t enough to gain much.  Now, The Last of Us and Beyond: Two Souls look quite decent along with God of War: Ascension.  PlayStation All Stars Super Smash Bros……i mean All Stars Battle Royale looks like another attempt at gathering an audience that Nintendo has already won over.  But seriously Sony, where is Last Guardian?  That has to be the only game that I’ve been looking forward to and yet again no announcement as to when it will be complete.

Ubisoft seemed to be the only company that announced a brand new IP (Watch Dogs), which looks absolutely astonishing from the first impressions.  They also announced a Wii U exclusive (Zombi U) and that actually looks really well made as of now, with very smooth anti-aliasing and great use of the Wii U Gamepad.  Maybe something will be announced by surprise by one of the companies….maybe not.  Either way, this E3 had more hopes from fans than the companies delivered.



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