Nintendo Direct Pre E3 2012 Presentation

Nintendo got the E3 ball rolling a little early this year by releasing a new Nintendo Direct video this afternoon.  Here it is in case you missed it:

The main focus of the presentation was the new Wii U console.  Nintendo President Satoru Iwata said they wanted to focus almost the entire main E3 presentation on Wii U games, so this extra video was to show off the hardware.

Takeaways from the video include:

  • The tablet controller is now called the “Wii U GamePad” and features a redesigned button layout and actual analog sticks instead of the circle pads shown on last years design.
  • Introduction of the Wii U Pro Controller, which is a tradtional controller for those that are afraid of change.  Looks very similar to an Xbox controller.
  • Introduction of the Miiverse.  This is the first thing you see when you boot up the Wii U system and it shows your Mii and a host of other Miis and the games they are playing.  Basically their online hub world for the system.  Players can exchange typed or hand written messages on a message board type interface.  Access to these message boards will be available via 3DS and any browser some time after launch.  Miiverse also interacts with all games, allowing for users to leave messages in-game at certain spots, basically letting people know how bad you suck.  Iwata mentioned trying to curb spoilers with these popups.  There also appeared to be some kind of achievement system in one of the brief clips of the new side-scrolling Wii U Mario game.

  • It was mentioned that in order to focus their Tuesday E3 presentation exclusively on Wii U games, 3DS news would come at a different time during the conference (my guess would be during the Software Showcase Wednesday at 9pm ET).
  • Nintendo still loves to get cheesy when creating videos showing off their products.

So there you have it. What do you think about the new console so far?  I love the addition of the Pro Controller and that Nintendo is fully embracing this new-fangled online thing.  Let us know what think in the comments!




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